Audio Brothers is the union of two professionals of the music industry who aim to create a high-quality and ethical network linked to the sound.The core business is sound and all the aspects related to it, such as: recordings (studio & live recording, production, mixing, mastering, pre-production etc…), technical coordination of events (concerts, festivals, recitals, showcases, fashion events and more) and production of sounds libraries and new and exclusive music compositions for commercials, documentaries, films etc… Audio Brothers is born in the summer of 2016 by a shared passion and a great friendship.

Marco Chiussi

Marco was one of the founders of IglooAudioFactory (www.iglooaudiofactory.com) and has decades of experience as music technician.
He is the resident live technician of the famous club VOX in Nonantola (MO) and has previously worked at MAFFIA of Reggio Emilia for four years as live manager. He presently collaborates, and has previously collaborated with many Audio Services as a FOH Engineer / Stage Monitoring / PA mounting. Marco worked for years in several different music genres from jazz to contemporary and ethnic music. He has been responsible of many festivals like: “Crossroads”, “Mundus”, “Radar Festival 2014” and “Festa del Ringraziamento”. He recently produced a sound design for the famous car brand Ferrari as partrer of ReLab, important design company from Reggio Emilia. Despite all his studio works, Marco keeps loving live music as well. He is and has been the FOH Sound Engineer of: Finley, Gazebo Penguins, Machweo, ThreeLakes & FlatLandEagles, RedLineSeason, Twins Quartet and Quintet, Fabernoster.

Raffaele Marchetti

He worked and managed IglooAudioFactory for five years with Marco. He presetly works at the music school Carlo e Guglielmo Andreoli as modern guitar teacher and as well as sound technician during several live events (recitals, showcases, concerts and conferences). The keenness for music led Raffaele to learn other instruments besides guitar. He knows the basics of drums, bass guitar, keyboards and singing. Thanks to the knowledge of all these instruments, he can compose, arrange and produce music for bands and labels. Several bands asked for his experience and expertise, some of them are: Three Lakes, RedlLineSeason, Valerian Swing. Raffaele recently worked as a freelance live technician for various Audio Services and many independent bands such as: ThreeInOneGentlemanSuit, Ornaments, Valerian Swing, DeathOfAnnaKarina, Delta Sleep, Obake, ORK, Metallic Taste Of Blood etc … He can boast collaborations with: Ted Parsons (Prong, Swans, Killing Joke, Metallic Taste Of Blood), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, ORK, Obake), Pat Matellotto (King Krimson, ORK, Komara). He is also responsible of the technical organisation of many music festivals like: “Festa del Ringraziamento,” “Italian Party”, “Radar Festival 2014”.




Proac Studio one – Alesis RA 100

Yamaha NS 10 – Audiolab 200

B&W DM5 – Fase Performance

Genelec 8030


Neve 8801 channel strip

API 7600 channel strip

Telefunken V672 vintage preamp 

Focusrite isa 220 channel strip

DBX 165A Vintage comp

Drawmer 1960 dual vacuum preamp/comp

Valley people 440 comp limiter vintage

Urei LA22 Stereo compressor

Riverbero Lexicon mpx1

Melos EM200 disk eko

DBX 160A 2x

TC Helicon Voicelive Rack


1 x Electrovoice ND 868

1 x Electrovoice PL 33

1 x Electrovoice PL 6 Vintage

1 x Electrovoice PL 80

1 x Electrovoice RE 20

4 x Sennheiser bf 504

2 x Sennheiser MD 441

1 x Sennheiser MD 421 white Vintage

1 x Audio technica pro 25

4 x Audio technica pro 37

1 x Audio technica AT 4040

1 x Audix f14

1 x Winston cm200

1 x Shure beta 58

1 x Shure sm96

1 x Strasser m69

1 x Strasser m800

1 x AKG D112

1 x AKG C 414 B ULS

1 x AKG 457 BL

1 x AKG C 411 PP

1 x Superlux S502 ortf stereo mic modded

2 x Superlux R102 Ribbon modded

1 x Neumann u89 Vintage

1 x Peavey PVM 520

1 x HEIL PR 40

2X Joemeek JM37

3 x Pick up eko

2 x piastra piezo Realistic

2 x DI Klark Technick

2 x DI audio tools

2 x DI behringher

2 x DI BSS

1 x DI DBX stereo con attenuatore


Wurlitzer a200

Marshall 1960 A cabinet 4×12” greenback

Orange 4×12” cabinet

Ashdown 6×10 bass cabinet

Scheda Focusrite Saffire 56

2x Pream Behringer ADA 8200

Mixer Allen Heat zed 10

Mixer Pioneer djm800

2x Technics SL 1210